The Utah system of higher education has a new associate commissioner to oversee the state's student loan activities.

Chalmers Gail Norris, the associate commissioner of higher education for budget and finance, will leave his budget-finance position, a job he has held since 1982, to run the student loan activities full-time. He has been administering student loan activities in addition to his budget-finance responsibilities."Utah's growing student loan program requires the full-time attention of a top-level administrator," said Wm. Rolfe Kerr, Utah commissioner of higher education.

Kerr hopes to appoint a a new associate commissioner for budget and finance by June.

Norris also served as acting commissioner of higher education for six months following the death of Commissioner Arvo Van Alstyne in 1985. Before coming to Utah, he was executive coordinator of the State of Washington Council for Postsecondary Education.