Salt Lake Mayor Palmer DePaulis says the City Council won't be housed in private offices in the restored City-County Building.

Speaking at his monthly press conference Thursday, DePaulis said he's considered various options, but there is no way to find seven private offices in the historic building without carving up a larger room and wasting space. He said he wouldn't allow the council to appropriate conference rooms needed by the rest of the city employees.After squabbling about the issue in at least three meetings during the past month, the council is scheduled to talk about offices again in a committee meeting Thursday night.

DePaulis said the council members can talk about the office question all they want.

"As far as I'm concerned, it's a moot question. I've got to move this process along. Besides, I control the bond," which is funding the renovation.

The council approved the $34.5 million bond to restore the building in 1986. Because it is a general obligation bond and not a building authority bond, the authority to make specific renovation decisions rests with the mayor.

Some council members say elected officials can't carry out sensitive city business in work stations and need the privacy offices would provide. An earlier council had agreed its full-time staff would have the offices, while the part-time council would work from cubicles.

Cost estimates for changing space allocation now that the building is 50 percent completed ranged from $2,000 to $100,000. One proposal wouldn't cost any additional money, but would swallow two conference rooms planned for the use of the entire city, while providing only five offices.