Motorcyclists, who have sometimes suffered from bad reputations of racing across and damaging fragile public lands, signed an agreement to help the government better protect the environment.

The American Motorcyclist Association and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and the Interior Department signed a pact to work together to better maintain back-country byways on BLM land.The motorcyclist association agreed to help educate the public how to take care of the back-country environment; agreed to adopt segments of some roads for cleanup, monitoring for vehicle breakdowns and needed replacement of signs; and to encourage an environmental ethic among users of the backcountry.

The BLM agreed to ensure motorcyclists participate in the selection, development and management of backcountry byways.

Interior Secretary Manuel Lujan said at the signing ceremony, "Public-private partnership is critical to the success of our stewardship of the nation's natural resources and our effort to increase recreational opportunities for Americans."