The co-founder of a citizens group created to help fight mortgage loan abuse has settled out of court in her own lawsuit against a national mortgage firm.

Kristy Jerome said Tuesday that conditions of the settlement, in which Dallas-based Lomas Mortgage USA admitted no wrongdoing, prevent her from revealing how much money she received from the company.But "it was well worth the thousands of hours I spent writing letters, making phone calls and documenting records for five years," she said.

Logan attorney Stephen Jewell represented Kristy and Louis Jerome in the suit filed in 1st District Court on June 22, 1989. The case later was transferred to federal court in Salt Lake City.

Jewell said the problems with Lomas began almost immediately after it took over servicing of the Jeromes' loan. On July 31, 1987, a notice was issued that the home was in default.

"The Jeromes paid the amount demanded by Lomas Mortgage even though records showed their payments were up to date," he said.

And despite evidence that their account was not delinquent, Lomas issued a second notice of default and a foreclosure notice, he added.

The couple's lawsuit accused Lomas of taking action to collect additional fees not required, attempting to force additional payments, failing to post payments received in a timely manner, transferring payments into a suspense account without authorization and intentionally failing to correct problems and mistakes.

The suit had sought $385,143 in general and compensatory damages, $100,000 in punitive damages and $30,000 for court and attorney fees.

Jewell said after prolonged discussions with Lomas through the company's Salt Lake attorney, Jim Boevers, the parties agreed to ask the American Arbitration Association to appoint a mediator.

Now that the settlement has been completed, Jewell said stipulations are being prepared for dismissal of the complaint.

Jerome said although Lomas never admitted wrongdoing, "I am feeling like a winner, and now I know I can help others in their battles with their mortgage companies."