I am writing concerning the woman who wanted to find a game that uses both cards and dice. I can't remember what she called the game [she called it "Snake Eyes"T, but when she explained how to play it, it brought back a memory of a game we used to play only it was called "Help Your Neighbor."

I remember playing it with "Flinch" cards or regular playing cards.Since your inquiry, we have played the game several times with our children and grandchildren. We all enjoyed it. We thank you for stirring up our memory of a forgotten game.

We hope your reader finds the game, only it might be under a different name now. - L.W., Alpine.

More on Snake Eyes:

Another reader called to say he played a similar game, but he called it "Unlucky Seven." An additional twist, not mentioned by Mrs. C., the woman who made the request, is if you rolled seven you had to turn one of your cards back up and you lost your turn.


Selling your home?

The consumer magazine Changing Times says that when you enlist a real estate agent to sell your home you should:

- If you pay a larger-than-normal commission, make sure you get a top-selling agent with a track record of moving homes even in a bad market. You should also get extra services such as inspections, appraisals, warranties and decorating help.

- Insist on a short listing period (60 to 90 days). If the broker doesn't work hard, find one who will.

- Get in writing the way the agent will show the house and the placement, type and frequency of ads.

- Insist that your house be placed in the multiple listing service within 24 or 48 hours.

- Make sure the broker is knowledgeable about financing options.

- Look for innovative marketing that doesn't cost you extra. A real estate agency in Virginia ran a 10-day "red hot summer sale" with extra advertising.