West Bountiful

- The City Council discussed the pros and cons of having garbage bins in the parking lot of the city park during spring and fall cleanup periods. Some residents don't like their appearance in the park, and others suspect that non-residents of the city have been using them. Councilman Paul Toller suggested moving them to the park's north parking lot so they are less of an eyesore and less visible to visitors from other cities. Mayor Carl M. Johnson said the bins are a big service to the public.- Mayor Carl M. Johnson suggested using the city office's marque to publicize the return of local military personnel as much as possible.

- The council met the new City Youth Council and heard a report on its recent governmental seminar at Utah State University. The Youth Council is sponsoring the city's annual Easter Egg Hunt, Saturday, March 30, at 9 a.m. in the city park.

- The 1990 annual report from the South Davis Fire District shows: 1,554 emergency calls were answered, including 153 from West Bountiful; the district answered 74 fire calls in the city and 59 medical emergencies; the district's average response time - from phone call to arrival - was only four minutes; 48 percent of all residences that had fires lacked smoke detectors. The report also noted the district will receive a new heavy rescue vehicle this year, while Bountiful will receive a bigger ladder truck. Both Bountiful and the district will share the two new acquisitions.

Woods Cross

- The city is planning a special celebration for soldiers who have returned or will return from the Persian Gulf war. The date will be Saturday, June 1, and a special committee will plan the celebration and announce more details later.

- A representative from the Bountiful Davis Arts Center asked the city for a $1,000 contribution. The City Council will decide later on the contribution.

Fruit Heights

The City Council:

- Heard a report but took no formal action on impending irrigation water rationing over the summer.

- Agreed to appoint a chairman to organize the city's annual celebration in August and a chairman for a cleanup and beautification effort.

- Tabled setting non-resident registration fees for the city's softball and baseball leagues.

- Waived a water-and-sewer connection fee for a maintenance shed being constructed on the county golf course.