As with some other area churches, the Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City has issued its own statement on the film "The Last Temptation of Christ," which opened in Salt Lake City Friday.

"Because this film purports to be religious in nature, many have asked for a recommendation from the Catholic Church on its merits. The Communication Department of the American Catholic Bishops has reviewed the film and given it an `O' rating."This rating indicates that it is morally objectionable and judged unworthy of patronage by any age group. The `O' rating is given to films which contain material that is clearly contrary to the teaching of the Catholic Church. The church recommends that Catholics avoid this film."

In a statement released to the media Aug. 8, Bishop Bosco of the Catholic Communication Committee reviewed the film and found it flawed both as theology and as cinema. According to the statement, the film is based on a novel and is not scripturally accurate.