Amanda is of black heritage and was born in January 1982. Like many 9-year-olds, she likes to play with dolls and go places, preferably with other children.

She says she likes to cook and is quite proficient with macaroni and cheese. Pizza, cookies and seafood - especially shrimp - are among her favorite foods.Amanda is a bright girl who does well in school. She has been in a special-education class for children with emotional and behavioral problems, but her social worker feels that it probably isn't really needed at this point. Amanda's favorite subject is math.

Although Amanda is doing well in her current foster home and at school, with no significant behavior problems, therapy to help her deal with her feelings about the many losses in her life will need to continue. Her behavior may become more difficult when she lets her feelings about her experiences show.

A family that can be very nurturing and provide Amanda with lots of emotional security is needed. Financial assistance may be available to help with the costs of adopting and caring for Amanda.