Rep. Ben Nighthorse Campbell found out he's no longer an Olympic athlete. But a would-be robber found out that the former judo champ still isn't a man to mess with.

Campbell, of Colorado, said he was returning to his Capitol Hill apartment from a grocery store Wednesday night when he was approached by a man with his hand in his jacket."`Give me your money, I have a .45,' " said the man, according to Campbell.

"Let's see the gun," Campbell replied.

The assailant, who evidently had been bluffing, hit Campbell in the face.

The congressman, a member of the 1964 U.S. Olympic judo squad, hit back. A brief fight ensued, and ended when the would-be robber ran. Campbell tried to give chase.

"I found out in one fell swoop I wasn't a 28-year-old judo champ anymore," said Campbell, who tore ligaments in his ankle and wound up on crutches. "I found out I'm a 58-year-old, out-of-shape congressman."