Bob Martinez says he hopes Congress follows his approval as the nation's new drug control policy director with full funding for the administration's anti-drug strategy.

"Much important work remains ahead - here in Washington, around the country and overseas," said Martinez, former governor of Florida. "And I intend to move quickly and aggressively to help get it done."The Senate confirmed Martinez by an 88-12 vote on Thursday.

Martinez said afterward he looked forward "to working with members of both the Senate and the House to achieve full funding and enactment of our anti-drug strategy."

The drug strategy drafted by the staff of Martinez's predecessor, William J. Bennett, seeks $11.7 billion in 1992, an increase of 11 percent at a time of scarce federal funds.

Martinez encountered some criticism from Democrats who said his drug program in Florida was lopsided in favor of law enforcement and prison expansion, with too little emphasis on drug prevention and treatment.