Alta View Hospital-

AHN, Peter and Cindy, Sandy, boy.

GRANT, Tren and Brandie, South Jordan, girl.

JUDD, Craig and Denise, West Jordan, girl.

LUDLOW, Jerry and Lanette, Salt Lake City, boy.

WATSON, Brad and Cindy, West Jordan, boy.

WYLER, Dale and Marjorie, Salt Lake City, girl.

Cottonwood Hospital-

BAKER, Kevin and Jena, Salt Lake City, girl.

CAHOON, R. Scott and Kari, Salt Lake City, boy.

CLEMENT, Dan and Carol, Salt Lake City, girl.

FRAME, Michael and Lisa, Salt Lake City, girl.

GROVER, Bruce and Esther, Salt Lake City, boy.

HALES, Kyle and Kellie, South Jordan, boy.

PETERSON, Rodney and Schalane, Salt Lake City, girl.

PHILLIPS, Thomas and Lourena, Salt Lake City, girl.

SAINZ, Jhery and Maria, Salt Lake City, girl.

FHP Birthing Suites-

ISHINO, Roger and Barbara, Salt Lake City, boy.

JENSEN, Ronald and Christine, Salt Lake City, girl.

KOSTER, Scott and Deborah, West Jordan, girl.

MILLER, Gary and Elisabeth, West Valley City, girl.

STENQUEST, Gary and Cynthia, Salt Lake City, boy.

STEPHENSON, Bob and Cindy, Cottonwood, boy.

TYLKA, Mark and Lynette, Salt Lake City, girl.

Holy Cross Hospital-

CATES, Shirlene, twin boys.

GUNNELL, Ron and Kaye, girl.

HODGEN, Mark and Mayela, boy.

LAYMON, Tad and Trina, boy.

MIRELEZ, Charles and Paula, boy.

PERKINS, Kelly, boy.

LDS Hospital-

AUGER, Keyth and Rebecca, girl.

BAIRD, Richard and Traci, girl.

DOOM, Michael and Leanne, boy.

ECKHARDT, Kevin and Lori, boy.

GILLETTE, Korlin and Amy, boy.

HIATT, John and Cynthia, girl.

LEWIS, Trent R. and Dea, boy.

MARSHALL, Kent and Susan, girl.

MARSHALL, William and Cindy, girl.

MOYES, Glen L. and Nancy, girl.

PATTERSON, Rick Allan and Patricia, girl.

RUGA, Jonathan and Tina, boy.

SHEPHERD, Brad and Mary, girl.

TANNER, Earl and Kim, boy.

Pioneer Valley Hospital-

ANDERSON, Janeen and BRANSON, Gary, West Valley City, girl.

AVERETT, Dean and Lori, Riverton, boy.

BECKSTEAD, Parry D. and JoAnne, Tooele, girl.

CALLISON, Gary and Cathleen, Salt Lake City, girl.

DUPER, Jim and Susan, Kearns, girl.

EBELL, Richard and Susan, West Valley City, girl.

EKLUND, Ralph and Marie, Magna, boy.

HOUGHTON, Roger and Ruth, Grantsville, boy.

HULET, Dale and Christine, West Valley City, girl.

LARSON, Kirt and Sandra, Kearns, girl.

MALACHOWSKI, Steven and Crystal, Tooele, boy.

MANSFIELD, Richard and Diana, West Jordan, girl.

MONDRAGON, Billy and Rebecca, Kearns, boy.

SANTIAGO, Joe and Frances, Salt Lake City, girl.

SIMONS, Randy and Suzette, Salt Lake City, girl.

TITZE, Robert and Gina, West Jordan, girl.

TOTH, Michael and Raelynn, Kearns, girl.

WALLACE, Charles and Aslinda, West Valley City, boy.

WEST, Debbie and PURSER, Preston, West Valley City, girl.

YARBROUGH, David and Heather, Tooele, boy.

St. Mark's Hospital-

ASTON, Steven and Cindy, Salt Lake City, girl.

BAKHSHANDEHPOUR, Behrouz and MOHAMMADI, Nasrin, Salt Lake City, boy.

BOWLES, Wade and Wendy, Salt Lake City, girl.

BUTLER, Rex and Shelly, Midvale, boy.

CHISHOLM, Kevin and Nichole, West Valley City, girl.

DOERRFELD, David and Kathleen, Salt Lake City, boy.

DUFFIN, David and Kathy, Salt Lake City, boy.

HAWKINS, Larry and Toni, West Jordan, boy.

MEADOWS, Anthony and Sandra, Salt Lake City, boy.

PARKER, James and Janice, Sandy, boy.

PETERSEN, Douglas Max and Susan Mary, Salt Lake City, boy.

PINCOCK, Douglas and Debra, Salt Lake City, girl.

SWENSEN, Douglas and Eva Deann, Midvale, boy.

TODD, Brent and Michelle, Salt Lake City, boy.

WILLIAMS, Stephen and Vicki, Salt Lake City, boy.

WILSON, Gregg and Elisha, West Jordan, girl.

University Hospital-

DEPAOLI, James and Bonita, boy.

STEINER, Cory and Laura, girl.