If a white-separatist reading room and church opens as scheduled Monday in Salt Lake City, two anti-racism groups will be protesting loudly nearby.

Utahns Against Aryan Nations and the Western Foundation for Racial Equality are upset that Dwight McCarthy, leader of the The Church of Christian Israel, plans to open the center at 1348 E. 33rd South, Suite 201. So at the scheduled noon Monday opening, they will protest in a parking lot across the street."We stand united as individuals in absolute rejection of racial separatism, even under the guise of an alleged church," said Zeric Smith, spokesman for the two groups.

Smith said the anti-racism groups will use "every legal means of blocking racist philosophy in Utah" and that they "affirm the rights of all Americans to freedom of speech, assembly and religion; at the same time we must point out that the label `religion' may be carelessly applied to anything from murder to sex crimes."