Jesse Jackson will deliver the eulogy Saturday at the funeral of a soldier who survived the Persian Gulf war but not the streets of Detroit. Jackson says he also called Gen. Colin Powell, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, with a request to expedite military benefits for the family of Army Spec. Anthony Riggs, 22. Riggs, who was part of a Patriot missile team in the war, was gunned down by a car thief while he was packing his family's belongings in preparation for a move to a new apartment. "It touched me in a personal way," Jackson said. "This kid, serving his country, went abroad and did a noble thing. He came back home and found death in the streets. The life options of the black male are reduced. He had the choice of dying in Kuwait or dying in Detroit. He should have been able to live in both." Despite Jackson's presence at the Saturday funeral, Riggs' family says the service will be closed to the public and media.