This is the time of year for coaches to scramble for film and scouting reports on tournament opponents rarely seen in the regular season.

Not so for Kansas' Roy Williams and Indiana's Bob Knight.The two had only to watch their own practices to see the type of team they'll see in tonight's NCAA Southeast Regional semifinal.

The mirror images meet after top-seeded and second-ranked Arkansas faces Alabama.

The statistical comparisons for Indiana (29-4) and Kansas (24-7) are scary.

Here's a few with the Hoosiers, the second seed in the region, listed first: points - 85.4-84.6; points allowed - 68.8-69.2; shooting percentage - .536-.528; field goal defense - .432-.430.

You get the idea. Except for a talent advantage for Indiana, these teams are as close as to come. From stats to styles.

"They are well-coached and they play a well-disciplined offense and set a lot of picks similar to us. It's a pretty good matchup," said Indiana's Eric Anderson, the second-leading scorer at 13.9 and top rebounder at 7.2. "There will be a lot of screening and a few bodies will fly, without a doubt. It could get a little rough."

Kansas has four starters in double figures, and, like Indiana, can have some problems rebounding.

"Maybe one of us will dominate tomorrow," Williams said of the rebounding woes. "The biggest thing with Indiana is we have to do a heck of a job defensively to get a hand in their shooter's face. Florida State's a heck of a rebounding team, but early in the second half against Indiana last week all the rebounds they got were the ones that came out of the nets, and I could get those.

"On the offensive end I will stress to our guys, `Let's try to see what we can do to hit the offensive boards and get some of those.' We did have a great rebounding performance in the second half against Pittsburgh."

It doesn't seem either team is afraid to look in the mirror.