If you see someone roosting on top of a billboard at Salt Lake's Sixth South I-15 off-ramp starting Tuesday, it'll be KCPX's afternoon radio personality Gary Zane sitting up there to hopefully raise money for Easter Seals.Zane got the idea for the fund raiser when KCPX's new morning personality Andy Barber's was bragging about how he helped raise $9,000 for muscular dystrophy recently on a telethon. Zane has been after Barber ever since and wants to prove that he can raise more money than Barber did on TV through radio.

The use of a billboard has been donated by Ferrantelli's Restaurant of Trolley Square near Sixth South and Zane said he's not coming down until he raises at least $10,000.

Fund raising headquarters will be set up in the parking lot of the nearby Tri-Arc Hotel and KCPX listeners (or billboard observers) will either be able to donate money there, or call 1-976-KCPX for an automatic $2 donation through their telephone bills.

KCPX is considering putting some sort of temporary structure, like a storage shed, on the billboard so that Zane can even sleep up there. - Lynn Arave.