Former Philippine First Lady Imelda Marcos, saying "I want to go home and bring my husband home," Thursday pleaded for a passport to allow her return to her native land.

Consul General Rodolfo Arizile told Marcos he would submit her application to Manila. Earlier, officials indicated the request would be turned down.Philippines President Corazon Aquino has refused to allow Marcos to return. The widow of former president Ferdinand Marcos was acquitted last year in Manhattan federal court of bilking her homeland of millions and hiding stolen assets.

Marcos's aides have indicated that if her request was refused, she might seek deportation from the United States as an illegal alien.

Marcos and her entourage arrived at the Philippines consulate on Fifth Avenue about 11 a.m. in two limousines and were immediately surrounded by a huge crowd of reporters and photographers.

As she entered the building, she was asked why she was making a personal appeal for a passport when it was almost certain she she would be refused.

"I want to go home and bring home my husband."