Camillle Holt probably doesn't mind if you call her a motor-mouth - she's still $1,000 richer and one-up on the world's fastest talker.

Holt, a schoolteacher from Layton, recited a 120-word script Wednesday a fraction of a second faster than John Moschitta Jr., listed in the 1991 Guinness Book of World Records as the world's fastest talker with a 586-words-a-minute rapid-rap rate.Moschitta was in Salt Lake City at an Arby's restaurant, with the fast-food restaurant chain and MasterCard co-sponsoring a fast-talk promotional contest. Moschitta first read the script, with anyone allowed to challenge him and read it faster. Those who could recite the script quicker than Moschitta were awarded $1,000.

While more than 100 challengers were expected, only seven people tried - and Holt, the first, was the only successful participant. Moschitta had stumbled on one word in the script, slowing him down to a time of 16 seconds. Holt's time in the 120-word speak-off was 0.25 seconds faster.