West Bountiful is only one of three Davis County cities to sponsor a youth council.

And it's not all fun and games.The council, composed of eight youth, ages 13-16, has its own written charter and holds its own council meetings every first and third Monday at 4:30 p.m., according to Beverly Haslam, city recorder and advisor to the council.

"They're a service to the community," Haslam said. "They represent all the youth of West Bountiful."

The council, similar to youth councils in Centerville and Syracuse, started over fours years ago and is composed of four girls and four boys (counting the mayor). It reports to the regular city council and keeps it informed on youth events and issues.

Council members are: Jamie Steele, Cherlyn Lee, Kristi Bangerter, Benjamin McAdams, Danny Hopkinson, Ryan Stock and Jeffrey Haslam. McAdams also serves as the mayor.

The council members were selected by interviews with city leaders. There were 31 youths in the city who completed applications seeking youth council positions. Haslam said that eventually the city would like to use some sort of youth voting system to make the selections for the council. Applicants must be at least eighth graders and not yet juniors in high school.

The youth council recently returned from the annual "Youth City Council Leadership Institute" held at Utah State University. There were 280 youths at the conference to learn the parliamentary process, goal setting and procedures in city government. Haslam attended the conference as an advisor to West Bountiful and so did volunteer, Vicki Stock.

The council is also involved in many other worthwhile city activities during the year. It sponsors youth dances, the Easter egg hunt, the Fourth of July King and Queen Contest and the Santa Claus and Fire Truck event during the Christmas season.

A new youth council program, set to begin in the city, is an adopt-a-highway program. The council will organize youth groups that will each adopt two miles of highway in the city to keep it litter free. They will also report any necessary repairs.