Have you dreamed of idyllic islands teeming with wildlife tolerant to the approach of caring humans?

They exist, as does the opportunity for you to enjoy those increasingly rare pleasures.In June, Utah State University biologist Jim Gessaman leads a tour to the enchanted islands, "Las Encantadas," explored by Charles Darwin just over a century and a half ago.

The Galapagos, 600 miles off the Ecuadoran coast, are renowned for a variety of animals that have never developed fear of man. There will be an opportunity to see more than 140,000 pairs of nesting seabirds, along with species of unique birds such as the Darwin's finches.

There will be lava lizards, unique marine iguanas, turtles and tortoises. Participants in the June 21 to July 2 tour will also snorkel with tame sea lions, sea turtles, fish and rays.

Gessaman is an experienced world traveler and ornithologist who has led birding expeditions to Hawaii, Trinidad and Mexico. He has been instrumental in developing annual raptor surveys on the Wellsville Mountains of Cache Valley and the Goshute Mountains on the Nevada-Utah border.

The tour, which includes round-trip air fare from Miami, costs $2,097 per person. Additional information is available from Gessaman, (801) 750-2568.