Throughout the years the Deseret News has made educational programs a priority among its overall plans to serve the community, and the Sterling Scholar Awards program is just one that serves individual students.

Another program, the award-winning Newspaper-in-Education service, is the oldest, largest and most comprehensive program of its type in Utah. It comprises nationally-recognized educational services that assist schools, teachers and parents in using the newspaper as a life-long learning tool.One such program offers teachers a new dimension for the classroom, including the unique "No Books Day" when textbooks are put aside and replaced by the newspaper. On March 6, more than 47,000 copies of the Deseret News were distributed to hundreds of schools throughout the state.

In addition to the distribution of newspapers other NIE programs offered exclusively for teachers and Deseret News readers. Special sections included "Utah's Ice Age: A Step Back in Time," "Utah's People - Traits and Traditions," "The Bill of Rights - 200 Years," "Land, Air and Water."

A final special section for this year will be published May 7 to focus on Japan as a preview to Utah's special 1990 America-Japan Week May 25-June 1.

Special workshops for teachers also are offered such as the one held Sept. 29 entitled "Newspaper Power." On Feb. 16 the Deseret News sponsored a training session for teachers, with a touch of the Utah Jazz, featuring newspaper writers and specialists.

On April 19 and 20, NIE will sponsor a `State Capitol Walking Tour" seminar to bring history, math and science alive in a walk through the state capitol and surrounding areas. It will be conducted in cooperation with the Utah Heritage Foundation.

Other seminars include "Christa McAuliffe Space Center Training" June 7 and 8 in Pleasant Grove, and "Teaching Johnny to Read Isn't Enough - What About His Character?" Aug. 2 and 3.

A national program called Family Focus is continuing for a third year under the co-sponsorship of the Deseret News. It is designed to help parents learn new ways of encouraging their children to foster good reading habits and improve reading skills.

And editorially, the department prepares a weekly "Young Ideas" page that is published weekly in the Deseret News.

Teachers interested in the NIE programs may contact the NIE program by calling 237-2140.

Awards received by the NIE department include those from the American Newspaper Publishers Association, the Utah Geographic Alliance, the Utah Literacy Coalition, the Utah State Office of Education, the Utah Council of International Reading Association, and the United States Office of Consumer Affairs.