Q. What is Loretta Lynn's real name? Where and when was she born? - J.G., Lima, Ohio.

A. She was born Loretta Webb on April 14, 1935, in Butchers Hollow, Ky. She married Oliver V. (Moony) Lynn in 1951 and has used her married name since she started her career in the early 1960s.Q. How can Michelle Pfeiffer hang out with a man who certainly can't be a movie star and doesn't even look like one?

A. Don't knock it. Beautiful women often choose men who aren't cover material, and for some time now, Pfeiffer has been keeping company with Fisher Stevens, a fellow stage and screen actor, although not of her popular standing. Stevens, who wears wire-rimmed glasses, is quiet, mild-mannered and self-assured, with a distinctive personal style.

Q. Who is the man in Sharon Gless' life, who is connected with her new CBS series, "The Trials of Rosie O'Neill"?

A. He is Barney Rosenzweig, the "Cagney & Lacey" producer who has been Gless' companion for a couple of years. (The two plan to wed this summer. It's the first marriage for Gless, 47.) "Rosie O'Neill" is an outlet for the twosome's political consciousness, from feminism to homelessness (Rosie has given up a lucrative corporate law practice to become a public defender). "The idea is for me to be a muckraker," says the professorial-looking Rosenzweig, 53, executive producer of the series, "to stir up the pot a little bit and make people think about the system and what it means."

Q. Isn't actress Pamela Reed getting tired of her low profile?

A. Call it a slow awakening. "It was never a goal of mine to be a `star,' but just to become a terrific actress," says Reed, 40, a person most people probably recognize but can't place. Trained classically, she has spent 15 years in theater, and despite good film credits (including "The Right Stuff," "The Long Riders," "Cadillac Man"), she is still regarded, she says ruefully, as "a New York stage actress, you know, a snob." After losing some important film roles to actresses who won notice from TV sitcoms, Reed became more aggressive. That attitude led to the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie "Kindergarten Cop" and NBC's "Grand" series.

Q. I think Cree Summer, of "A Different World," is wonderful. What can you tell me about her? - T.R., Ann Arbor, Mich.

A. Cree, named after the Plains Indian tribe, is 22, a show business veteran who started singing at 12 with her father's jazz band. A year later, she did the first of many voice-over roles as one of the TV Care Bears. She's one of the cartoon "California Raisins" too. She worked in TV and commercials in Canada, where she grew up and studied in Toronto, and in the features "The Return of Billy Jack" and "Heart of Fire."

Q. Was Terri Garr a regular on "The Fall Guy"? - J.T., Chipley, Fla.

A. The gals from "Guy" were Heather Thomas, JoAnn Pflug, Markie Post and Nedra Volz. Post played a character named Terri, which may have confused you.

Q. My father gets a lot of laughs from Jay Leno. Where could he write him? - J.S.R., Media, Pa.

A. NBC-TV, 3000 W. Alameda Ave., Burbank, CA 91523.

Q. Any information on Dana Elcar, who plays Pete Thorton in "MacGyver," would be appreciated. Doesn't he have some stage experience including the original Broadway cast of "Inherit the Wind?" - P.S., Ansonia, Conn.

A. Elcar, a native of Ferndale, Mich., attended the University of Michigan but left to study acting at Sanford Meisner's Neighborhood Playhouse in New York. He worked in the theater in New York, mostly off-Broadway, and in Washington, D.C., before heading for Hollywood. He doesn't list "Inherit the Wind" among his New York credits. He's done two other TV series, "Black Sheep Squadron" and "Baretta," and more than 400 other TV productions, 40 movies and many regional theater roles. He's married and is the father of four children.

Q. As a young man, I was employed by MacFadden Publications Inc., and one of my duties was to send advance copies of magazines to celebrities who were appearing in upcoming issues. Many of the performers sent "thank you" notes. One was Carol Burnett. I'd like to drop a line to Carol to remind her of her fabulous start in TV. Where do I write? - S.S., Sicklerville, N.J.

A. Write Burnett: NBC-TV, 3000 W. Alameda Ave., Burbank, CA 91523.

Q. I loved "Lost in Space." My friends tell me Angela Cartwright died in the early '80s. I say she went back to her hometown. - D.P., Detroit.

A. Both wrong. Cartwright, 38, was born in England but grew up in Los Angeles, where she's been ever since. Her career took a downturn after "Space" ended in 1968. She's married, mother of two, runs a successful Toluca Lake, Calif., gift shop and does an occasional TV role.

Q. What information can you give me on William Hopper, the original Paul Drake of "Perry Mason:" married, birth, children and other acting roles. - F.F., Aurora, Colo.

A. Hopper was the son of actress/columnist Hedda Hopper and actor De Wolf Hopper. He started in summer theater in Maine and did some New York plays before serving in the Navy in World War II. After his discharge, he was an auto salesman in Los Angeles and returned to acting in 1953 with a part in "The High and the Mighty." He was also in "Rebel Without a Cause" and "The Bad Seed." He was originally offered the role of Mason in the TV series but switched with Raymond Burr. He was married to actress Jane Gilbert, and they had a daughter. Hopper died at 55 in 1970.

Q. What date did "Hee Haw" first air and were Roy Clark and Buck Owens both on the first show? - K.K., Silskee, Texas.

A. "Hee Haw" bowed June 15, 1969, on CBS. CBS dumped it in 1971 when the network was getting rid of its rural shows (sponsors want young urban viewers.) But "Hee Haw" went into syndication, where it's been successful ever since. Clark and Owens were the first hosts. Since Owens left in 1986, Clark's been joined by guest co-hosts.

Q. I'd like to write to Fred Dyer and "Hunter." - Mrs. D.F., Belleville, Mich.

A. Stephen J. Cannell Prods., 7083 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028.

Q. Information please, on Duncan Regehr, star of "Zorro." I remember him in a TV movie about Errol Flynn, but has he done anything else? - K.R.Z., Macon, Ga.

A. Regehr, born Oct. 5, 1953, in Alberta, Canada, and raised in Victoria, B.C., was a teenage whiz, a figure skater, radio show host and actor. He worked in Canadian regional theater and TV movies and a series, "Matt and Jenny." He went to Hollywood in 1981. His credits since include "Goliath Waits;" the Flynn movie, "My Wicked, Wicked Ways;" miniseries "The Blue and the Gray" and "The Last Days of Pompeii;" and the series "Wizards and Warriors."

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