The debut of the inner-city drama "New Jack City," marked by violence at several theaters, produced strong box-office results.

According to figures released by Entertainment Data Inc., "New Jack City" made $7 million in its first weekend while playing on just 862 screens - good for second place on the box-office charts behind "The Silence of the Lambs.""The Silence of the Lambs," featuring Jodie Foster as an FBI trainee after a psychotic killer, claimed the top spot for the fourth straight week on ticket sales of $8.9 million, according to Entertainment Data Inc.

Altercations broke out at several theaters as "New Jack City," a gritty look at a drug lord and the police officers laboring to bring him down, opened. A man was killed in New York and disturbances erupted in Chicago, New Jersey, Nevada and Los Angeles.

The film stars Wesley Snipes, Judd Nelson, rap star Ice-T and Mario Van Peebles, who also directed.

In third place was another new movie, "The Hard Way," starring Michael J. Fox as an obnoxious actor who wants to pattern a new role after a hard-as-nails cop, played by James Woods. It grossed $6.3 million in its premiere weekend.

After just one week, the $40 million rock movie "The Doors" plunged 34 percent despite appearing on 364 more screens. It took fifth place with $6 million.

Here are the top movie ticket sales according to Entertainment Data Inc.:

1. "THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS," $8.9 million ($58.1 million, four weeks).

2. "New Jack City," $7 million (first week).

3. "The Hard Way," $6.3 million (first week).

4. "Sleeping With the Enemy," $6.1 million ($61.8 million, five weeks).

5. "The Doors," $6 million ($18.1 million, two weeks).

6. "Dances With Wolves," $3.4 million ($127.2 million, 18 weeks).

7. "Home Alone," $3.3 million ($245.9 million, 17 weeks).

8. "Shipwrecked," $3.04 million ($7.6 million, two weeks).

9. "King Ralph," $2.97 million ($23.8 million, four weeks).

10. "L.A. Story," $1.6 million ($22.8 million, five weeks).