Here's a list of local government and other agencies that hire for the summer and the number of young people they normally hire:

Agency or Office Number hired Type of workDavis County golf courses 65-66 Ground crew, starters

Davis County Human Services 6 Maintenance, cleanup;

Must meet criteria for

economically disadvantaged

Centerville 4 Grounds crew for parks and cemetery

Up to 20 Recreation aides

Clinton Several Parks

Layton 20 Grounds crew, parks

5-6 Lifeguards

Kaysville 5 Grounds crew, parks

Farmington 1 Recreation aide

Fruit Heights 1 Parks department

North Salt Lake 1 Lawn mowing, trimming

Street work

Salt Lake County Not available Parks and recreation,

day-camp counselors;

cashiers and supervisors.

Call 468-2560 for info.

Sandy 60 or more Parks and recreation;

program aides, counselors,

instructors, referees and


South Salt Lake Not available Hired through Job Service

West Jordan Not available Park work

West Valley City 2-3 Park work

Murray About 100 Parks, street, water departments

golf courses