Law enforcement officials are investigating the throwing of rocks from an overpass onto trucks traveling along I-70.

The incident came to light when truckers reported damage to their vehicles estimated at $3,500. Some cargo was damaged. The damage could have been much worse had the rocks struck windshields, causing accidents.The Sevier County sheriff's office has asked the public for tips that might lead to the identification and arrest of the vandals. Insurance companies have also offered rewards.

Rocks weighing more than 50 pounds were thrown from the freeway overpass of U-4 onto truck-trailers. Investigating officer Charles Ogden said the incidents could have been deadly had the boulders been dropped a second earlier.

Rocks struck two vehicles in close succession, striking aerodynamic wind deflectors mounted on top of the cabs and then landing in the cargo areas. The vehicles were owned by Wal-Mart and Uintah Freightways.