A high school teacher testified that she kept information about her husband's murder from police because she was distraught and thought they had made a mistake by arresting her teenage lover.

Smart, 23, said she was ashamed of her affair with William Flynn, then 16, and didn't want to talk about it. She said her embarrassment, the lack of information from police and rumors swirling about the killing kept her from going to police with what she knew."I was ashamed of the affair," she said Tuesday. "I still am."

"My husband was murdered, and I was not thinking rationally at the time," Pamela Smart said Tuesday under cross-examination. "Unless you've gone through something like this you can't understand."

Prosecutors contend that Smart seduced Flynn and then persuaded him and two friends to kill her husband of less than a year, Gregory Smith, 24. They say she was afraid of losing everything in a divorce.

Smith was shot to death last May 1.

The defense says the three killed the young insurance salesman on their own and then framed his widow to avoid life prison terms with no chance of parole. They agreed to testify for the state in plea bargains carrying minimum prison sentences of 18 to 28 years.

The trial has attracted so much attention that people began lining up outside the courthouse at 1 a.m. Tuesday for the 30 courtroom seats reserved for the public. The seats were filled by 2:30 a.m.

Smart admitted driving Flynn and his friends to Haverhill, Mass., the day of the killing to pick up the car they drove to the murder scene, but said she did not tell police because she didn't want them to know of the affair.