What makes a well-dressed person? Several experts give their opinions:

Carol Jordan, owner of Scruples in Ivy Place: "It isn't just the clothes or the amount of money they spend on them. It's the total person - her grooming, personality, kindness, generosity. It's the whole package."Sharon Loya, of Bill Loya in Foothill Village: "A great sense of style, coupled with a sense of adventure - a person who's willing to take some risks and chances, not just sticking with the status quo."

Linda Jensen, manager of Nordstrom's "Personal Touch" wardrobe consultants: "The first thing that comes to my mind is someone who feels comfortable and confident in what they are wearing - who feels good about themselves. If we look good, we feel good. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Within the first few seconds we create an image."

Jack Barnard, owner, Chalk Garden: "There are always situations where you have to follow an appropriate dress code. That should be held at all times. Additionally, clothing must fit properly, be color-wise - monochromatic. Something very important is that the person has to be mentally comfortable in clothing, so the best of their personality will come through. If you aren't comfortable, it will show through in your self-confidence.

Gloria Ritchie, owner, Gloria's Threads, Salt Lake: "It's an instinct thing for good taste. Classic style and quality clothing."