Age: 57.

Where born: Lincoln, Neb.

Family: Wife Elaine and children Nancy Hopkins, Kristin, Patricia, Brian and Kathleen Petersen.

Education: Bachelor of science and master of science in marketing and finance, Brigham Young University.

Primary products: Automobile and homeowners insurance.

Primary markets: All of Utah..

Number of employees: 13 in sales department and 20 in claims department.

Annual sales: $5 billion (corporate).


First "real" job: Selling cast iron pipe and fire hydrants.

Management style: Let good people do their job - be the coach.

Strategy for success: Give "Golden Rule" service.

A memorable failure: I ignore them as they invariably lead to greater success.

Heroes: Abraham Lincoln and my father.

Leisure time and hobbies: Searching for Western relics; writing and Senior's Track competitions. Favorite book and movie: "Men to Match My Mountains"; "Somewhere in Time."