An eighth-grade student who urinated on a classroom floor at Union Middle School has been temporarily suspended from school until officials can decide where he should go to school.

District spokeswoman Patty Dahl said the 15-year-old is suspended until Monday while district officials decide whether he should be transferred to another school or school district.She said he is being treated like any other student guilty of a serious infraction of the rules.

The suspension stems from an incident last month in a shop class where the boy urinated in the class after, he says, he was refused permission to leave the classroom. The teacher admits to using the boy to mop up the floor but says the boy never asked permission to leave.

The teacher has since been barred from teaching in the Jordan School District.

Dahl confirmed that the boy's parents have been offered a cash settlement but she refused to discuss the amount, saying it is against district policy to do so. The offer, which was by the state risk management staff, was refused by the parents.