The City Council will decide Tuesday, March 19, whether to grant a conditional use permit for a care facility for the elderly in a northeast Pleasant Grove subdivision.

Beehive Homes, operated by Dennis Toland, wants to build the facility, which would accommodate up to eight individuals, on a lot in the Timp Meadows subdivision. But some residents of the subdivision think the facility is incompatible with their neighborhood and could lower property values.Other items on the council's agenda Tuesday:

- Consider increasing the city's franchise tax on power, natural gas, cable television and adding the charge to telephone service. The city wants to raise the tax to 5 percent, which would raise about $180,000 annually and help the city offset a decline property tax revenue.

Pleasant Grove currently charges 3 percent on power and cable TV, 2 percent on natural gas and nothing on telephone service.

- Hear a request from a group of residents concerned about school crossing safety at 1100 N. 100 East.

- Hear a report from Jim Ferguson on economic development activities in the city.

- Consider recommendations for replacing two former fireman.

- Consider approving a new sewer ordinance.

At the end of the council's meeting, residents will have the opportunity to ask the mayor and council questions. Council meetings are held at 7 p.m. in the meeting room of the Library, 30 E. Center.