A high-ranking official was quoted Monday as urging the government to speed up its investigation of former East German communists and to jail some to prevent them from joining Erich Honecker in Soviet exile.

"There is a danger that other top former communists and Stasi (secret police) officials will also go to the Soviet Union," said Erwin Huber, secretary-general of the Christian Social Union party, the Neue Presse-Express newspaper reported.Huber's Bavarian party is aligned with Chancellor Helmut Kohl's governing Christian Democrats.

Honecker, the ailing ex-leader of the former East Germany, was moved Wednesday by Soviet officials from a military hospital near Berlin to Moscow.

Germany's foreign minister, Hans-Dietrich Genscher, met Monday with Mikhail S. Gorbachev in Moscow and was expected to seek Honecker's return.

Huber also said officials must speed up investigations to determine which other senior former East Germans should be prosecuted.