Age: 41Born: Salt Lake City

Family: wife, Noleen; children Rob, 17; Ryan, 15; Taisy, 13; Kyle, 10; Trisha, 6; Tiffany, 6.

Education: Bachelor of arts, business, Brigham Young University

Occupation: President of Freeway Heating & Air Conditioning


Population: 9,000

Budget: General fund, $3.5 million.

Total: $2.8 million

Number of employees: Approximately 20

Mayor's salary: $350 a month


Politics: "Republican generally, but I've voted for Democrats. I vote for the candidate."

First "real" job: Working on a farm picking produce, starting in fifth grade. Management style: Get the council involved. Make sure the city manager knows the wishes of the council and sees that they're carried out. Don't get involved in the day-to-day operations of the city. Give people guidance and let them use their initiative. Why I like being mayor: "I like to see things get accomplished. As mayor, I can have an impact on the direction of the city and in its future."

Why I hate being mayor: "I don't hate being mayor but I don't like not having the time I would like to have to be involved in projects. I definitely have to be a part-time mayor. I have six kids to feed and a business to keep going. "I like to resolve issues as quickly as possible, but in a democracy it's a slow process. It takes a lot of time."

Recipe for success: "I'm not sure I'm successful yet. I'm working on it."

A memorable failure: "I got a job picking cherries when I was quite young. I didn't pick 'em right and was asked not to come back the next day."

Heroes: My dad, as an individual I look up to; Abraham Lincoln and our founding fathers for putting everything on the line for democracy.

Leisure: Travel, boating, skiing and golf.

Favorite book: "How to Win Friends and Influence People."

Favorite movie: Comedies and musicals; "A Man for All Seasons."