Since last May, if you wanted to take a load of trash to the North Davis landfill, you had to buy a $12 "punch card" that was good for six trips.

For landfill customers, most of whom make only one or two trips a year to the dump, the card has been expensive.For operators of the landfill, it has been "an administrative headache," said North Salt Lake Mayor Jake Simmons, a member of the board of directors of the Davis County Energy Recovery District, which oversees the landfill and the adjacent burn plant.

So during the board's monthly meeting this week, the punch card was eliminated.

It will now cost $3 per pickup or per small trailer. Two-ton trucks will be charged $9, and anything larger will be charged $12 per trip.

Punch cards that residents have already purchased will still be honored, under the new policy.

The $3 charge for a pickup load is high compared to Orem's $2.50 fee but low compared to Salt Lake County's $5 fee, board members said.

The landfill serves all residents in Morgan and Davis counties - except Bountiful, which has its own dump.