Two years ago I was associated with a travel company called Vacations To Go. I believe the company was located in Los Angeles with a toll-free phone number and also a Salt Lake phone number.

The company was a travel business that sold unsold space on short notice.If the company is still in business I would appreciate knowing how to get in touch with it. - C.B., Salt Lake City.

The company is in business in Houston, Texas. Its toll-free phone number is 800-338-4962. Its address is 2411 Fountain View Dr., Suite 201, Houston, TX 77057.

The company may or may not operate the way it used to. We were unable to get through to a real person to find out. However, we did listen to numerous phone mail recordings. According to them, the company sells discounted cruises as well as pays cash rebates on airline tickets.

According to the phone mail, the customer, must make your reservation directly through the airline. You tell the airline you will get your ticket from your travel agency.

You then call Vacations To Go. It will give you a cash-back bonus according to the following schedule: If your ticket costs between $150 and $230, it will give you a $5 rebate; $231-$460, $10 rebate; $461-$690, $20 rebate; $691-$920, $30 rebate; and $921-$1,150, $40 rebate.

We assume the company is giving you a small portion of the commission it receives from the airline when it issues the ticket.

We close with this advice, good for just about any situation: Shop around. Before making a deal with any travel company or agency, compare prices with one or two others before you cut the check.