How are consumers coping with hard times? One indication is given by a survey conducted by Glamour Magazine.

Ninety percent of the respondents, largely working women between ages 18 and 44, said they are taking one or more steps to prepare for financial hard times. Almost two-thirds (63 percent) say they sense an increase in workplace anxiety because of recession fears. Nearly half (48 percent) said they work for a company that has laid people off in the last six months.In response to hard times:

- 61 percent say they are trying to save more.

- 33 percent are putting off big expenditures, such as vacations or a new car.

- 30 percent are figuring out ways to earn more money.

- 26 percent are staying in an unsatisfying job.

- 10 percent say they are doing nothing.

When asked how their financial situation in 1991 will compare to 1990, 43 percent say it will be about the same, 32 percent believe it will be worse and 25 percent believe it will be better.