Prosecutors in Winnie Mandela's assault and kidnapping trial said Monday they have evidence she was involved in three additional crimes and sought permission to introduce the information.

Judge Michael S. Stegmann said in the Rand Supreme Court, on the trial's 15th day, he would rule Tuesday on the admissibility of the new evidence.Chief prosecutor Jan Swanepoel said he had evidence Mandela kidnapped a black man to her house and beat him Nov. 13, 1988, after which the man disappeared, and that she also kidnapped and beat two black males on Sept. 26, 1988, releasing them the next day from her home in the black township of Soweto.

Mandela, 56, and three co-defendants are on trial over the alleged Dec. 29, 1988, abduction and assault of four black males, described to the court by two witnesses. All the defendants have pleaded not guilty.Muslim insurgents reject Afghan offer