Alta View Hospital-

CROSBY, Mark and Janice, Salt Lake City, boy.

JENSEN, Craig and Diana, Murray, boy.

KEMP, John and Amy, Sandy, boy.

SAVAGE, Timothy and Cindy, Midvale, girl.

SUMMERS, Robert and Alicia, Salt Lake City, boy.

Cottonwood Hospital-

BEVAN, Curtis and Alisyn, Salt Lake City, girl.

BOAHN, Sheila, Midvale, girl.

BOLTON, Jason and April, Sandy, boy.

CRUFF, Kenneth and Catherine, Salt Lake City, girl.

DENNIS, Brad and Michelle, Salt Lake City, boy.

EMIG, Charlie and Sandy, West Jordan, girl.

GREENE, Daniel and Lisa, Salt Lake City, girl.

HANSEN, Richard and Tina, Elko, NV., girl.

HOBBS, Timothy and Louise, Salt Lake City, girl.

SCOTT, Bryan and Lara, Salt Lake City, girl.

SEELY, Chad and Karen, Salt Lake City, boy.

WACENSKE, Harold and Jacquie, Salt Lake City, boy.

Holy Cross Hospital-

CASSADY, Shaun and Jillene, boy.

CROSLAND, Todd and Jill, girl.

DUCKWORTH, Bryce and Carmen, girl.

FESLER, Carma and STERN, Jered, girl.

GONZALES, Freddie and Jeanmarie, girl.

GRAVES, Wendell and Mary, boy.

HAMIK, Jerry and Laurie, girl.

HOUGHTBY, Dana, girl.

HOWELLS, Vaughn and Lori, boy.

KIRK, Curtis and Tiffany, boy.

KITSEALLY, Pernella and BENALLY, Timothy, girl.

LUCEY, Leo and Ronda, boy.

MAIN, Bobby and Jane, girl.

MALLETT, Steven and Jodi, boy.

MARIEA, Frederick and Dana, girl.

McDOWELL, Richard and Dallis, boy.

MEDINA, Jeff and Jamie, boy.

NELSON, Eric and Donna, girl.

NICHOLS, Jeni, boy.

POSSO, Martin and Ayda, girl.

POULSON, Karl and Suzanne, girl.

RINGWOOD, Burt and Cathy, girl.

ROUNDY, Kim and Jana, boy.

STREEPER, Gary and Bobbie, boy.

LDS Hospital-

BLUEMEL, Kenneth and Tammy girl.

BROWN, Michael and Kimberly, girl.

DENOS, Kenneth and Amanda, girl.

FITZGERALD, Rob and Lari, boy.

FRANDSEN, Gary and Laura, boy.

HATCH, Anthony Jess and Marie, boy.

KIMBER, L. Scott and Karen, boy.

LAMBERT, Reid and Karma, girl.

PASCUZZO, Todd and Pamela, girl.

PEARCE, Scott and Tara, girl.

RAMIREZ, Jose and Mireslara, girl.

THOMPSON, Charles and Holly, boy.

St. Mark's Hospital-

BUTTERS, Michael and Alayne, Salt Lake City, girl.

STEPHEN, Michelle and MORGAN, Jeffrey, Salt Lake City, boy.

University Hospital-

BUGARION, Rosendo and Rosario, boy.

GARCIA, Candice, boy.

GARDNER, Michael and Kathiran, girl.

GREER, Sonia, girl.

JEPSON, Ariel and Denise, boy.

LARSEN, David and Nicole, boy.

LOPEZ, Hector and Tabathea, girl.

MEADS, David and Marjorie, boy.

MORENO, Ricardo and Silvia, girl.

MROGENSKI, Rosemarie, girl.

NEZ, Toni, girl.

SANTISTEVAN, Johnny and Debbie, girl.

SCOTT, Dave and Paula, boy.

WALL, Jerry and Brenda, boy.

WEIRICK, Elray and Shannon, boy.

WONG, Dr. Lane and Audrey, boy.