Editor's note: Every week the Deseret News profiles a special-needs child available for adoption through the Rocky Mountain Adoption Exchange. An estimated 35,000 children are considered "special needs" because they are an ethnic minority, disabled, older or hard to place because several siblings need to be placed together. Anyone interested in a child can call the exchange at 359-7700.

Shanti was born in November 1981.The active, energetic 9-year-old has a mind of her own and is described as a sweet, bright child. She enjoys the challenges of learning and doing new things, so she does very well in school.

Given her choice of activities, she prefers sports and opportunities to play with other children.

Like most children who have been waiting for a family, she has some emotional problems, which stem from her past of neglect and the instability of her life. She has had several foster placements. Shanti gets along quite well with others, but she often teases her older sister, who is less intellectually capable.

Shanti has spent her life in black families, and it is felt that she would do best in an adoptive family of the same culture. She will need to stay in touch with her younger brother and older sister.

An adoption subsidy is available.