A 17-lot subdivision at 9995 S. Redwood Road has been given final plat approval by the City Council.

Peach Blossom subdivision is being developed by McDougal/Olsen Construction and will contain three other phases before the development is complete. The developers have agreed to turn water shares in a local canal company over to the city, which will make the water available to the new home owners for a secondary water system.Councilwoman Merlynn Newbold said she has no objections to the subdivision's first phase but she may oppose future phases if the developers fail to provide an access route into a planned park for the area. Preliminary plans do not provide access, and Newbold said she would like to have further discussions with the developers before the planning commission considers the other phases.

In other business, the council approved a Brush Fire Strike Team Response Protocol agreement that will continue South Jordan's participation in a countywide fire protection effort. Councilman Ted Sandstrom, who also serves as the city's fire chief, said the agreement provides added manpower for fighting brush fires without forcing the city to increase the number of firefighters on the city payroll.

He said that so far this year, South Jordan has not had to rely on the team, but South Jordan has responded to fires elsewhere. The most recent was at about 90th South and 32nd East in Sandy.

Sandstrom said he believes being a part of the team provides long-term benefits for the city and will eventually pay dividends for the city.