State Republican Party Chairman Richard Snelgrove says he won't resign and accuses Rep. Jim Hansen, R-Utah, and several other GOP officials of seeking his early exit from the top party post.

Hansen denies he's pushing Snelgrove to resign. In any case, the discussions took place months ago and all agree it would be fruitless for Snelgrove to leave now when a new chairman will be installed in June, just two months away.The flap occurred after a meeting involving Snelgrove, Hansen, Gov. Norm Bangerter and other GOP leaders took place in February. At the meeting, the question of Snelgrove leaving early came up. Snelgrove dismissed it, he said. When the meeting became public this week, Snelgrove became angry and accused Hansen of trying to force him out early so that a former Hansen aide, Don Leonard, could be named interim party chief. That would give Leonard, who has not said if he will run for party chairman, a leg up in the June convention.

"Hansen wants his guy in there. But I'm not going to leave early," Snelgrove said in an interview earlier this week. Hansen said he is not pushing Leonard.