Smoking pipes Clouds of white and gray smoke fill an already hazy western skyline Friday as firefighters battle a fire at a plumbing supply store. It took firefighters several minutes before they could even begin to battle the blaze at Karl W. Winsness Plumbing and Heating, 4190 W. 2100 South. Fire trucks based at the Salt Lake International Airport were the first to arrive about 10 minutes after the department was notified about 1:50 p.m. The building - made of steel and corrugated tin - was filled with plumbing supplies, including PVC and ABS pipes. "That's very, very toxic stuff," said Salt Lake Fire Battalion Chief Gordon Nicholl. Toxic gases are released when such pipes are subjected to heat and flames. Although no firefighters were hurt, the chief said the fumes can be lethal because of the hydrogen cyanide and hydrogen chloride that is released. Firefighters - wearing masks - fought the stubborn blaze for more than an hour. No one was in the building when the fire began. The cause is still under investigation, but damage was estimated at $110,000.