To the editor:

During the 1991 legislative session, the tobacco industry disguised itself under many faces such as the Utah Rights Coalition, A.W. Marshall Co., Northern Utah Lodging Association, Jones Waldo, Holbrook and McDonough law firm, and Fabian and Clendenin law firm.For the record, Dave DeHaan, sales manager for A.W. Marshall, Utah's largest tobacco wholesaler, presented himself as a representative of Utah Rights Coalition and Northern Utah Lodging Association. Jones, Waldo, et al, are account executives for Philip Morris; while Fabian and Clendenin are account executives for R.J. Reynolds. Why wasn't honest representation exhibited during committee hearings?

The TI is a false and misleading corporation. Are citizens aware that the TI "slotting" or "positioning" of tobacco products at the end of aisles or on checkstand counters is a ploy to facilitate the sales (usually shoplifting) of tobacco products? In 1988 alone, $880 million in "promotional allowances" was provided to retailers nationally to "facilitate" the sale of cigarettes and spitting tobacco.

TI develops ads and merchandise to attract the young, low income and minorities. Without a doubt, the TI aims to recruit replacement smokers for those who have quit the addiction or who have died from it. Their target group for new smokers is children: those who are, naturally, vulnerable and quite impressionable.

Help protect the young children in Utah by reporting any merchant who sells tobacco to anyone under 19.

Hugh Rush

Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Utah