- Approved a bid by Skyline Electric, Salt Lake City, to install an emergency generator for City Hall, which functions as the communications center in times of disaster. At $36,425, Skyline's bid was the lowest of 10 and almost $12,000 below city engineer estimates.- Authorized the parks department to spend $3,000 from the contingency fund to construct a float for the city's Handcart Days Parade on July 23 and Salt Lake City's Days of '47 Parade on July 24. Labor will be donated by the Bountiful Chamber of Commerce.

- Passed an ordinance to require contractors who excavate Bountiful's streets to pay more to the city in permits and fees. Fees for excavating will be increased from $15 to $20 a foot for the first 100 lineal feet and from $10 to $15 for each additional lineal foot. Asphalt repaving fees will be increased from $40 to $55 for areas less than 25 square feet, with incremental increases for areas larger than 25, 150 and 300 square feet.

- Rejected a request by Rick Stark to purchase city property at Rocket Park, 1150 E. 300 North. City officials believe private ownership could increase the city's liability because the property is adjacent to the baseball diamond portion of the park. The property could also someday be developed to provide additional recreational areas for the public.


- Authorized the purchase of two new police vehicles, a Ford Taurus ($12,400) and a Ford Mustang ($15,900), to replace one vehicle that has logged well over 100,000 miles and to accommodate a new police officer who will be hired later this year. These vehicles will be purchased from next year's budget but must be ordered now to receive them in time for this summer.

- Adopted a resolution from last month's council meeting to raise water rates from a base rate of $9.65 to $9.75 and to increase the overage rate for every additional 1,000 gallons used over the base amount from 60 cents to 62 cents. This will raise the average Clinton City resident's bill by less than one dollar a month.

- Decided to compensate Clinton resident Terry McCafferty for the pro-rated cost of a new tire after McCafferty ruined a truck tire while attempting to clear a path through a snow pile so that water from a broken water main would not flood his home, the lowest-elevation house on the affected street. McCafferty was unable to receive immediate help from the city at the time of the emergency.

- Agreed to draft an official statement from the city encouraging water conservation this spring and summer. The council also considered holding a seminar on the necessary water requirements for a green lawn, believing that many residents overwater their lawns.

- Advised city planner Lynn Vinzant to review setback requirements in the city's zoning ordinance regarding the Deanetta subdivision, where the necessary setback is not always available to build a garage according to code.

- Decided, at least for the immediate future, not to pursue any annexation past 4000 West, making that the probable western boundary of the city.


- Appointed Blake Gailey, a sophomore at Clearfield High, to the city's youth council. He replaces Seldon Young, who resigned.

- Reported receiving a loan of $2.29 million at no interest for 20 years from the Utah Safe Drinking Water Committee and the State Board of Water Resources for a culinary water project. The loan is contingent on a special legislative session, and city residents will pay about $6 more a month in water bills if the full loan amount is borrowed.

- Discussed a tentative plan to provide water for 39 residences and the North Davis Sewer District, if they should annex into the city. Such a water project would cost $400,000 and residences would be charged $3,000 for the hookup, $1,075 at the time of the hookup and then $100 a month for 20 years. Some potential city residents protested that the hookup fee is too high.

West Point

- Denied annexation request by Jim Aland for the Davis Farm Subdivision at about 4500 W. 2300 North. Four lots of the subdivisions are already in West Point, but the remaining will stay in unincorporated Davis County.

- Donated $50 to resident Tammy Matthews to attend a nursing conference in Texas. She's the only student at Weber State University planning to attend the event.