Margo Adams, former girlfriend of Red Sox third baseman Wade Boggs, is refiling her palimony suit against the Boston slugger, doubling the stakes to $12 million.

James McGee, attorney for Adams, told the Boston Herald he increased damages to $12 million because of the emotional distress inflicted on his client due to statements Boggs allegedly made to the FBI charging Adams with attempted extortion.McGee said he notified Boggs on Tuesday through his attorney that he would be dispositioned in the case on Sept. 2 when the Red Sox are in California. He said several other former and current Red Sox players and personnel also would be dispositioned, including Mike Greenwell, Bob Stanley, Dwight Evans, Jeff Sellers and trainer Charlie Moss.

Adams' four-year affair with Boggs became public this past spring when she filed a $6 million suit, charging Boggs broke an oral contract when he reneged on promises to compensate her for wages lost while she accompanied him on Red Sox road trips.

Earlier this month, a Santa Ana superior court official ruled that Adams' original suit lacked legal grounds and gave McGee 30 days to file an amended suit.