After throwing his soldiers into a senseless war, Saddam Hussein now seems unwilling and unable to take back Iraqi prisoners of war.

And allied sources say they're now considering unanticipated long-term care for the 50,000-plus Iraqi POWs held here in two desert camps.A scheduled repatriation of Iraqi prisoners has twice been delayed at Baghdad's request because of an inability to provide enough buses and to get the buses to the Saudi Arabian border over bombed out roads.

"It seems Iraq has a logistics problem," said Air Force Maj. James Pasierb, a spokesman for the U.S. Central Command in Riyadh.

He added there is no willingness in allied ranks to give the Iraqi army buses or trucks to do the job.

The International Red Cross is handling the prisoner exchanges but also is reportedly running into uninterest in Baghdad in having the disgraced Iraqi legions back.

Saddam Hussein currently is involved in putting down rebellions in several cities, some of which are believed led by soldiers angry at Baghdad for abandoning them without air cover in a military debacle.

U.S. military officials say a number Iraqi POWs have invoked their Geneva Convention rights and asked not to be returned, but there are no figures available on how many Iraqis don't want to go back.