A new special service district has been established by the Sevier County Commission, and three members have been selected to serve as its board of directors. It is anticipated that this will enhance economic growth in the county.

The district will use proceeds from mineral leases on federal lands for its economic development program, according to Jerry Nice, commissioner. He will serve on the board with Kevin Ashby of Salina and former County Commissioner Jay Gardner of Richfield.The funding has been included in the 1991 county budget, Nice said. He noted that the board members will serve in voluntary capacities.

It was also announced that Duane Bresee has been reappointed to act as president of another special service district. The board of directors in that district recommends and spends funds budgeted for county road improvements.

The commission agreed to complete one mile of road improvements in the Doctor Creek area near Fish Lake after representatives of the Fish Lake Cabin Owners Association requested more county money be spent for roads on land leased from the federal government for private homes.