Putting on blindfolds can lead to eye-opening experiences this week at Brigham Young University.

BYU's Student Service Association is sponsoring Disabled Achievement Recognition Experiences (DAREs) as part of its Handicapable Week when students can "take a DARE" for any 10-hour period during thhe week.This DARE will assign students to be blind, deaf, wheelchair-bound or mute.

According to Phillip Cox, chairman of Handicapable Week, "Our basic goal is to make students and community members more aware of the abilities, as well as the disabilities, of the handicapped."

As part of the week's activities, there will be wheelchair basketball and tennis, a deaf theater, beep baseball, performances by a signing choir and a technology fair at the University Mall, which will feature displays of technological services for the handicapped through Saturday.

There also will be speakers and panel discussions on handicapped issues.

Student Shanna Salmon volunteered last year to wear earplugs for a day.

"There were very few people you could communicate with," she said. "I found myself really looking forward to my sign language class because I spent most of the day begin ignored by everyone else."