Payson City has set its annual citywide spring cleanup for the week of April 1-5.

City officials said the week is reserved to encourage residents to spruce up their yards in preparation for the upcoming summer season, as well as to help people who can't haul their own trash to the city landfill due to lack of transportation or other reasons.However, the city is still encouraging those who are able to haul debris to the landfill to do so. Residents will be allowed free use of the landfill between March 25 and April 6. Landfill cards will not be punched.

Residents are asked to observe the following guidelines:

- Materials to be picked up must be placed at the curb or edge of the street before the date that city crews are regularly scheduled to be in the area.

- Material to be picked up should be limited to yard debris, such as leaves, lawn clippings, tree branches, stumps, weeds and other plant materials. City crews will not pick up appliances, car batteries, tires, remains of torn-down buildings, large rocks or unmanageable chunks of concrete, or large quantities of construction debris.

- Certain types of household waste, such as partly filled paint cans, bottled fruit and old newspapers, present problems for city crews. Such items should either be placed in city-provided containers or taken to the landfill.