Indiana coach Bob Knight and Illinois coach Lou Henson were reprimanded and censured Wednesday by the Big Ten for their verbal spat after a game in Champaign.

Conference commissioner Jim Delany said in a statement that the two coaches violated a league regulation on conduct after Indiana's 70-58 victory at Assembly Hall on Sunday."Coach Henson's negative characterization of Coach Knight and Coach Knight's sarcastic characterization of the Illinois basketball program constitute violations of Conference policy," Delany said in the statement.

"Coaches Knight and Henson acted in ways inimical to their universities, themselves and intercollegiate basketball."

Dennis LaBissoniere, a spokesman for the Big Ten, said he could not elaborate on the statement, say what penalties might be incurred. Henson traded words in an exchange punctuated with profanity from Knight, according to witnesses.

Later, at a post-game news conference, Knight launched into a sarcastic, 10-minute monologue on Illinois' ban from postseason play for NCAA recruiting violations.

"I really think there's an international conspiracy to get Illinois," Knight said. "When I was at West Point I had a chance to meet some people that were in military intelligence. And, they've given me reason to believe that somewhere here on campus . . . are a couple of subversives that have really created the problems that have existed here."

Those comments sparked a bitter rebuke from the normally low-key Henson when his turn came to talk to reporters.

The Illinois coach called Knight a "classic bully" and said he asked him to "step outside."

"He intimidates the Big Ten office. He tries to intimidate everybody," Henson said. "His entire life is based on intimidation."

Knight has previously been publicly reprimanded by the university, the Big Ten and the NCAA; he has been convicted of assaulting a policeman in Puerto Rico.