Gov. Norm Bangerter got a preview of Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf's tenacity when they participated in Wyoming's One-Shot Antelope Hunt.

The two were paired in the celebrity hunt at Lander about 11/2 years ago, Bangerter told a convention crowd Monday."I took my shot - and missed," Bangerter said. Then, it was the general's turn.

"He got down on his stomach and crawled after that antelope for what seemed like an hour," the governor recalled.

"When he took his shot, he got him," he said.

The antelope was only wounded, and taking a second shot would have disqualified Schwarzkopf from the competition.

Schwarzkopf and Bangerter stalked the animal until the general could reach the animal to "get a head lock on him" and finish the job, Bangerter said.

"So when I heard he was leading the troops in the Middle East, it was no surprise. I knew they had the right man," Bangerter said.