Salt Lake County and the state will split the cost of realigning the intersection of Holladay Boulevard and 4500 South.

The Utah Transportation Commission approved the state's $195,000 share of the $390,000 project, which will move a short stretch of Holladay Boulevard 200 feet east so that it intersects 4500 South directly across from Albright Drive.Utah Department of Transportation engineers said the current alignment of the intersection compromises safety and efficiency standards.

County transportation engineers must obtain approval from the Salt Lake County Commission before construction begins in late summer, said Tosh Kano, county director of operations.

The realignment requires purchasing undeveloped land for $175,000 and removing some trees from the parcel where the new section of road will go through. But Kano said most of the trees will remain standing on the remaining island west of the new alignment.

He said the county will work with the Holladay-Cottonwood Community Council to possibly develop the island into a public park.